December 2015


A Word About Traveling in an Uncertain World

    The horrific events in Paris on November 13 remind us that there are few guarantees in life. Our assumption that the future will unfold in an orderly, predictable manner has once again been tested. This has happened before, and inevitably it will happen again.


    We at Intimate France strongly believe that travel and experiencing other cultures are powerful forces that nurture our spirits at the same time they celebrate the common human connection we all share.


    While recogizing the tragic losses caused by the Paris attacks, we remain committed to staying the course – offering exceptional travel opportunities in Europe's most enchanting locales. By remaining true to these ideals, we believe we are doing our small part to create a climate in which our human connection, not our differences, is at the forefront. 




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Entry, historic museum, village of Clovelly, Devon

In England, Signs of the Times


    The French, it's said, have a word for it. Not to be outdone, the English have a sign – or sometimes multiple signs – for every occasion.


    On our 2015 swing through Devon, Cornwall and the Cotswolds, we (George and Susan) were amused and amazed by the variety and humor of the signs. Signs telling you what to do and what not to do. Signs giving advice, signs giving information. Signs with dire warnings, signs with invitations that are too good to pass up.


   Herewith, some of our favorites.

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Canfranc railway station, Spain

Canfranc – A Relic of Days Gone By


       Driving through the Pyrénée Mountains in October, my friend and associate Mathias Bernal and I stopped for lunch in a tiny burg called Canfranc. It's right on Spain's border with France – in fact, the first Spanish town you come to after the frontier.


    Mathias, who was born just up the road in Pau, France, told me he knew Canfranc well – he has relatives living there and often visited as a child, and more recently as well.


    We walked along the main (just about the only) street to a bar to find a bocadillo (sandwich). He pointed out a derelict railway station and told me, "That was an important place once. The Nazis took it over during World War II."




Caverne du Pont d'Arc, France









Entry, Poblet Monastery, Spain

Replica of 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' Opens


    France has its second destination replica of an ancient cave crammed with prehistoric art.


    The facsimile, called La Caverne du Pont d'Arc, opened earlier this year to enthusiastic reviews.


    It took an army of masons, carpenters and artists eight years, at a cost of €55 million, to create the replica within an enormous hangar in wild limestone country northwest of Avignon.


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Intimate France Tours in 2016 - Why Not Join Us?

    In 2016 we are pleased to be returning to three French locales – Burgundy & French AlpsProvence and Languedoc. Our fourth tour is Mediterranean Spain, stretching from medieval, atmospheric Girona on the north to vibrant Valencia on the south.

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