September 2015

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Hitchcock was right, just ahead of his time


    The birds really do hate us, and their shock troops have snow-white wings, webbed feet and scary beaks.


    We (George and Susan) are just back from a scouting trip to England – Devon, gorgeous Cornwall and lovely, gracious Cotswolds – and everything was a delight.


    Well ... almost everything.


    It turns out the gulls are massing for attack all along the English coast.

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Catching Up With the Real (Phony?) Doc Martin


        Susan and I could not believe our eyes. Right there in the middle of Fore Street, "downtown" Portwenn, Cornwall, Doc Martin was ... gasp! ... petting a dog.


    Then we looked more closely. It wasn't Doc Martin after all. It was actor Martin Clunes, who plays the curmudgeonly Doc Martin in the beloved English series of the same name. A doctor who famously hates, absolutely loathes, dogs.


    Moreover, it wasn't Portwenn, despite what the signs on the buildings said. It was Port Isaac, a real, working Cornish fishing village.











Love Locks of Paris – Adieu or Only au Revoir?


    Lovers from around the world have left a mechanical memento of their joint passion on the bridges of Paris – tens of thousands of padlocks.


    As chronicled by American photojournalist Michael Saint James in his illustrated piece in the Huffington Post, Parisian authorities have had it with the metallic eyesores.


    The locks, Michael writes, symbolize the eternal love the couples believe they share. But to city officials and many of the rest of us, they represent a blight that has already damaged one bridge.

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Intimate France Tours in 2016

    We have set our 2016 schedule and are pleased to be returning to three French locales – Burgundy & French AlpsProvence and Languedoc. Our fourth tour is Mediterranean Spain, from medieval, atmospheric Girona on the north to vibrant Valencia on the south.

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