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30 June 2017

We get you closer to the real Europe

Old harbor, Honfleur, Normandy, France

What we believe
about travel to Europe

We believe that four-star luxury hotels, tourist-oriented restaurants and fast-paced sightseeing are barriers to enjoying the real Europe, including France and beyond.

Over time, we've discovered small, family-run hotels, local bistros and insider sights that we share with you.

We know that cookie-cutter hotels distant from city centers, with little or no charm, take away from the experience of being in Europe. We reject these hotels in favor of inns with a high charm quotient.

In each area we visit, you'll see the top attractions while also having experiences that are more typically European.

We travel by nine-passenger van, allowing us access to places that large tour buses can't reach - even if their operators knew about them!

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